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about me

My name is pavel Seidl.
My favorite programming language is Python.
I´m programming as hoby.

how I run this website

for codeing this website I´m useing Atom.

I´m working on

I´m working on castum cryptography software with
castum "random number" generator


* maybe posts will be/are modified to fix grammar

updating bottom of website

13.3. 2023

- adding link to source code of website
- addind feedback email

working concept of "random" number generator

12.3. 2023

Random nuber generator is finally working. the concept of this "random" number generator is
simple. Everi time it runs it calculetes "random" number + sesion. Sesion is number used to
calculete nex number to prevent generating some number all the time.

update on cryptography project

5.2. 2023


mix caracters from text wit large mumber of decoy
to make it working i´m preparing list of posible characters in text that will be akcepted
all caracter in the text will get everi other character in list of posible charracters as
decoy to make hard to find original words from the text after bruteforce attempt. with this
amount of caracters its posible to create large number of combinations also lot of
words and combinatios of words
i´m planing to add system that will add random number of poasible character sets to
mask how original text was long.

because list of posible characters can be limiting i´m planing to make it castumizible to
make posible to add some mising character

updating index

28.1. 2023

- new introduction
- orange elements
- other updates

better themes


themes updated

Theme Switch was rendering differently in different desktop browsers.

I fix it using css

on smartphone it's not fulli fixed

themes fixed


The theme Switch is finally working.

The Switch are 2 buttons with css and js.

The first post

26.10. 2022

This webpage is in development.

The theme toggle is broken.

On this page are testing post.